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Re-opening the FTC for community bookings 2020-06-22

The Government has lifted the maximum group gatherings to 50 people maximum from Friday 19th June. Football training can begin at the HKFA football training centre for groups under the maximum number of 50 people. The FTC will be open from Tuesday 23rd June 2020.

Overview of measures the HKFA FTC will keep in place

 Below is the list of measures that will be in place at the football training centre in order to limit the threat and spread of the COVID-19 virus during these opening times. 

  1. The FTC has reinforced Hygiene measures. Visitors must perform a temperature check and clean their hands with alcohol-based sanitizer at the main reception before heading to any other part of the facility.  
  2. Anyone with a temperature recorded above 38.0 degrees Celsius (38 degree is the same as government guidelines) will be refused entry into the FTC and advised to see their doctor in case of a fever.
  3. Cleaning operations will increase. Frequently touched surfaces, equipment, commonly shared items and floors will be disinfected frequently.
  4. The FTC will provide liquid soap in all dispensers as well as alcohol-based sanitizer around the facilities.
  5. All FTC staff will wear surgical masks during the working hours.
  6. Visitors will be required to wear surgical protective masks in the changing rooms and public areas indoors.
  7. All 8 changing rooms will be available but limited to a maximum of 12 users at any one time.
  8. Health educational materials on hand hygiene, cough etiquette and severe respiratory disease associated with the Novel infection will be placed around the centre to remind players and staff of the signs.
  9. Any visitor found in breach of the conditions will forfeit their chance to book at the FTC for the next 4 weeks. Resumption of such privileges at the end of the suspension period could be subjected to FTC board approval.
  10. No large-scale tournaments permitted (50 people or more)
  11. Anyone with Respiratory Tract Infection (URTI) symptoms should also refrain from training

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