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2019-2020 Jockey Club Futsal League (Div.1) - League Update 2020-01-14

Pak Hei and Kwok Keung clashed heads on Thursday evening in Shek Kip Mei Park Sports Centre for a Jockey Club Futsal League – Division 1 fixture. Pak Hei's superior firepower was on full display, as the side went on and beat Kwok Keung by 11:0.

It took a while for Pak Hei to gather its footing but the side nevertheless went on to draw first blood of the game.

On the 6th minute, Pak Hei’s Chung Chun-ho pushed forward from the right side, pulled the trigger and found the back of the opposing net, making it 1:0 for his team.

Five minutes later, Pak Hei's Lee chi-ho made a gentle poke on a free-kick. Chung Chun-ho stepped up and drilled the ball home. The score was now 2:0 for Pak Hei.

Shortly afterwards, Pak Hei added two quick goals, as Chung Chun-ho and Li Cheuk-hin each scored for the side. It was now 4:0 with Pak Hei well in front.

On the 16th minute, the ever-lively Chung Chun-ho delivered a great cross towards the middle. Tse King-cho seized the moment and fired the ball into the Kwok Keung net. The score was now 5:0.

Afterwards, Chung Chun-ho and Lau Kwan-lok teamed up for a great attacking move, with the latter finding Tse King-cho through a clever pass. Tse pulled the trigger and found the back of the Kwok Keung net. Pak Hei was up 6:0 at this point.

Late in the first-half, Chung Chung-ho and Tse King-cho both hit the scoreboard once again, making it 8:0 for Pak Hei heading into the break.

The pace of the game slowed down somewhat in the second-half.

On the 26th minute, Pak Hei’s Lai Chun-wai teed up Wong Ho-wai on a thunderous shot. Wong's ferocious blast found the back of the net and gave Pak Hei a 9:0 lead.

Two minutes later, Cheung Chun-hin picked up the ball through a neat pass from Wong Ho-wai, then fired home from close-range and made it 10:0.

Around the half-hour mark, Siu Chun-yin's shot was nicely saved by the Kwok Keung goalkeeper. However, Siu managed to convert the rebound and sent the ball home. The score was now 11:0.

Kwok Keung tried hard to break the goose-egg late in the game. On the 32nd minute, Raphael Yu unloaded from the left-side but failed to hit the target.

On the 37th minute, Ng Chi-him unleashed a cracking shot from the right wing but ended up hitting the side netting.

The score stood towards the final whistle, as Pak Hei shutout Kwok Keung through a 11:0 victory.

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