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2019-20 HKFA Sapling Cup Group B- Wofoo Tai Po 3:5 R&F 2019-10-22

Wofoo Tai Po and R&F squared off in Mongkok stadium on Tuesday evening for a Sapling Cup Group B fixture. R&F was trailing by two goals at one point but stormed back to beat Wofoo Tai Po by 3:5.

Wofoo Tai Po fired the first warning shot of the game on the 5th minute, when Yuto Nakamura floated a great cross towards the middle. Kim Minki dished out a timely header but could not get past Tse Ka-wing in the R&F goal.

Wofoo Tai Po broke the game open on the 11th minute. Yuto Nakamura took control of the ball deep on the right side and sent it towards the middle. Alessandro Leonardo was in perfect position and slotted the ball home from the doorstep. It was now 1:0 with Wofoo Tai Po in front.

Right before the 20th minute-mark, R&F had two free-kick chances to tie the game. Bai He’s ferocious blast first sailed high over the Wofoo Tai Po crossbar, while Igor Sartori’s effort moments later came much closer and narrowly missed hitting the intended target.

Wofoo Tai Po nearly made it 2:0 on the 27th minute, as in-form striker Alessandro Leonardo unleashed a cracking shot from the left-wing that was nicely smothered by R&F goalkeeper Tse Ka-wing.

R&F equalized on the 30th minute on the counter-attack. Yuen Chun-sing picked up the ball on the left-wing and pushed forward into the Wofoo Tai Po box. Yuen fired a left-footer that found the far-side of the Wofoo Tai Po net and tied the game at 1:1.

Wofoo Tai Po regained the lead on the 34th minute, as Yeung Chi-lun delivered a swirling cross into the R&F penalty area. Luis Chebel went flying in and sent a powerful header into the R&F goal. The score was now 2:1 with Wofoo Tai Po in front.

The New Territories side was not done and netted another goal on the 45th minute. Michel Lugo’s shot from the left-flank was charged down by an R&F player. The ball fell in front of Kim Minki, who duly smashed it home, making it 3:1 in the process.

R&F pulled one back early in the second-half. On the 50th minute, Igor Sartori beat his marker and sent a low cross into the Wofoo Tai Po box. Youngster Adriel Chan took care of the rest and fired the ball home from inside the box. The score was now 3:2 with R&F trailing by a goal.

The mainland side tied the game on the 56th minute. The lively Igor Sartori knocked the ball towards the Wofoo Tai Po box. An ensuing melee took place inside the penalty area. Vladis-Emmerson Illot-allet tucked the ball home and tied the game at 3:3.

R&F almost took the lead on the 69th minute, when Serge Deble chased down a teammate’s forward pass down the left-wing and darted into the box. Deble fired a quick shot but could not hit the target with his effort.

The mainland side took the lead on the 80th minute, as Vladis-Emmerson Illot-allet headed home Matthew Lam’s cross, putting R&F in front 3:4.

Late in the game, R&F’s Serge Deble beat Wofoo Tai Po substitute goalkeeper Ho Yui to the ball and fired it into the empty net. The score was now 3:5 for R&F.

The score stood towards the final whistle, as R&F secured a 3:5 come-from-behind victory over Wofoo Tai Po.


Wofoo Tai Po 3:5 R&F


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